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Private Cloud

Get a scalable, production-ready private cloud powered by OpenStack and backed by an industry-leading SLA. It can be deployed in your data center or ours, is managed by our OpenStack experts, and is backed with Fanatical Support. Verecom Private Cloud gives you all the power of the cloud without the pain of running it, so you can focus on your core business.

Dedicated Server

Our dedicated web hosting is backed by a Tier 1 data center, name brand servers, and the ability to order managed or unmanaged hosting. If you operate a medium to large size website, our dedicated servers may be a good solution for you.

Your dedicated server is housed in a rack unit at our data center. Your server can be professionally configured and managed, or we can provide the root access so you can configure everything on your own.

If you would like us to manage your server, we will assign one of our server technicians to make sure your server is running smoothly. The technician will make sure your server is running at all times, has the latest software and security updates, and can help with software installation and customization. This is our best package for full peace of mind.

Each of our servers comes from name brand providers, and have RAID-1 mirroring redundancy be default. We also have weekly local backups in the case of total server failure (it hasn't happened to us before, but better safe than sorry).

Co-location hosting

Verecom provides server solutions for hundreds of companies, providing everything from shared server space to dedicated servers. We rent a significant amount of space in internet data centers around the Bay Area where we are headquartered and we can receive and offer preferential rates on the space that we use.

If you have a server that you need to have hosted in a tier-1 data center, please contact us to find out about availability. If you want to operate just a few servers, it may be difficult for you to lease one cabinet that is required at most data centers. However, we can give you exactly the space that you need so you can get the best value for the dollar you are spending on hosting.

Tier-1 Data Center

Each facility that we use is optimized for modern data center requirements. These facilities feature redundant power systems, cooling, redundant connectivity, and security capabilities suitable for mission-critical operations. The data centers we contract are professionally designed and expertly managed. These data centers are certified to the highest industry standards.


Voice Over IP (VOIP) may be the most revolutionary technology in corporate telephony since the fax machine was introduced. VOIP allows companies to run phone systems that look and function the same as traditional fixed-line PBX systems, but with much lower equipment, service, and maintenance costs.

Here is how it works

When you sign up for a VOIP package from Verecom Technologies, you are signing by phone line. Each phone line comes with unlimited nation-wide calling. If you order more than one phone line, you also get the functionality of a traditional PBX system, such astransferring, extensions, auto-attendant, voicemail, and conference rooms.

Equipment Costs

In terms of equipment, all you will need to purchase for this system is IP telephones and a router that we will pre-configure and provide. Traditional phone systems also require a PBX, but because this is Voice over Internet, we will provide the PBX server remotely. All you need to do is plug in the phone and router according to our instructions, and you should be good to go.

VOIP Suitability

Please note that VOIP may not be appropriate in every setting. VOIP is recommended if you have internet with solid upload speeds. You can expect to use about 90kbits/second for every concurrent phone call. You should also have a wired ethernet environment. If you would need to order internet to go with your VOIP phone, we can also make recommendations.

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