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16 Aug

Some Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Most Chicago web design companies are adept at their jobs; they do not make mistakes that amateur web designers usually make. Such mistakes have been described in the article.

Given the numerous number of websites in the internet, people hardly care if you have an outstanding site because users have several other options to choose from. Hence, to make sure that a user does not leave your site and go to another, you need to have a greatly designed site, with good content as well. The key to good web design is to keep the site’s purpose in mind and design it accordingly. And this is exactly what a Chicago web design company does.

If you are a newbie in the world of web designing, there are some things you need to be told so that you can efficiently design a website. There can be certain ideas that you think may work but actually would not. So, here we will be discussing some of the common mistakes made by web designers that you should take note of.

Ill-defined message

A user or a visitor visits your site only for a few seconds. So, you need to make sure that the user gets the message of your site within a glance. You need to give a clear outline of the business or services you provide. Basic information such as location of the business, its contact details etc. must also be provided. Websites that do not have its purpose stated clearly often finds it difficult to hold a user for more than a few seconds, who immediately leaves the page and visits some other site for relevant information.

Wrong usage of colors

An amateur designer often uses too many colors to give a vibrant look to a web page, which may not always look good. Wrong color combinations and flashy colors often make the design heavy to the users’ eyes. Chicago web design companies say that two or three colors are enough for designing a site. While combining colors, make sure you use undertones of the colors that you have already used.

Difficult to read content

Just like colors, too many fonts too shall not be used as it only makes the content confusing. Instead, use not more than two types of fonts, one for the headings and the other for the rest. This makes the page more readable. Also, take care of the size of the fonts, too small or too big ones are a no-no. You simply need to make sure that the readers do not get a headache after reading your web page.

Disrespecting your users

You must never disrespect the privacy of your users. Instead, design in a way that acquaints the user with the privacy policy, each time he is about to enter his contact and credit card details.  You should also provide them with an option of unsubscribing. This way, you will not just be respectful towards the privacy of your users but also allow them the liberty to choose.


Complex navigation

This can be extremely confusing for your visitors which, in turn, can act as a turn-off for them. Make sure that the site has all the navigation keys clearly placed. It is better to place your ‘contact us’ key right at the top of the page, so that it is easily visible; the links too should be easily seen. A different color or an underline should be used to distinguish the link from the rest of the text. And finally, do not make the texts look like links.

All Chicago web design companies take utmost care of these points; hence, designing websites from them can be safe and effective.