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The Pyramid Center

San Francisco's Landmark, The Pyramid Center (Known as The Transamerica Building) needed a new website to provide information for prospective tenants and visitors to the building.

Client The Pyramid Center
Client’s Wesite www.pyramidcenter.com

The Pyramid Center required a brand new website to provide availability information for their potential tenants and building visitors. The new website would encompass a new design with a content management system that enabled their site manager to update available office listings with photos and a flash video tour. Verecom partnered with a local marketing company to provide custom backend development, while the marketing company provided the website design.


Verecom provided a custom CMS solution that allowed the Transamerica Building website managers update the suite information on their own. When information about an available suite was posted, the poster could also submit the floor number, price, square footage, notes, photos, floorplans, and a virtual tour. The system has been running since early 2007 without any problems. Here is a list of services rendered by Verecom:

  • Initial meetings with partners and client to identify all project requirements
  • Webmaster services including delivering properly‐linked HTML pages
  • Backend CMS allowing various file uploads like floor‐plan PDFs, photos, and video
  • Frontend connectivity with MySQL database and CMS‐uploaded information
  • Ability to manage additional text information for ThePyramidCenter related buildings

The website was given a 3 month time to launch, and we were able to finish the website within that time. Both the marketing company and The Pyramid Center have been satisfied with the results, and we continue to partner with this marketing company.