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A successful start-up, Hitchster.com (Acquired by CabCorner.com) wanted to create a service that lets users share taxis to and from the airports in New York.

Client Hitchsters.com
Client’s Wesite www.hitchsters.com

A startup company based out of Manhattan wanted to create a service that lets users share taxis to and from the airports in New York. The company would need to have a website designed and programmed, integrating several new technologies. The site would need to receive information from users who would be going to the airport, find appropriate matches dynamically, and then send alerts to confirmed matches via email and text message.


Verecom was hired from the beginning of the project to provide consultation throughout the project’s duration. Verecom provided composite design, HTML pages, and algorithm‐based programming. The services provided by Verecom for the Hitchsters.com project are enumerated below:

  • Initial meetings with clients to identify features and market opportunities
  • Composites for all internal Hitchsters pages were developed by Verecom
  • Composites were cut into standards‐compliant HTML
  • Algorithm was developed for matching taxi‐riders to the airport
  • Programming was planned and implemented by the Verecom team
  • SMS text messages and emails are sent through a gateway system to matched users
  • Reporting system in backend allowed vital stats and information to be tracked

The website was given a 2 month window to launch, with the launch scheduled before the crucial Thanksgiving‐Christmas travel window. The launch was done successfully the weekend before Thanksgiving as scheduled, and the site continued to operate normally through the holiday travel season without problems.

Hitchsters received quite a bit of press coverage from the mainstream news, even winning the award for Time Magazine’s top 50 websites of 2007.