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We provide result- driven services & solutions for companies and organizations, ensuring their adopted technologies to fully support their goals and aspirations.

IT Consulting & Training

We provides proactive IT strategy, systems design, team training and ongoing support to streamline your business operations, increase productivity and boost profitability.

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Mobile App Development

We deliver cross-platform mobile applications that leverage our proven approach to user-centric, cross-platform designs.

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SaaS Apps & Tools

We evaluate your SaaS/Tool options and create a business case that allows you to meet your organization’s goals.

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VereVideo - VoD Solution

80% of all Internet traffic will be streaming video content, but publishing video content is challenging and expensive. We make it simple and cost-effective.

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Big Data

Big data is changing the way people within organizations work together. It is creating a culture in which business and IT leaders must join forces to realize value from all data.

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Web App Development

We understand what business owners are looking for when opting for custom-built application. Our web development team's commitment is to provide the highest level of web application development services for your growing demands.

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Managed Services

Fully managed web application and IT system support. Monitoring, bug fixes, optimization, modernization, security.

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We provide the building blocks for your IT-enabled operations.

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The future belongs to the one who has dreams.
We are innovators, not followers.

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I have known Verecom for the last year and I have found them to be a very approachable and professional at all times. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They listens to your needs and concerns and deals with them promptly. I'm really pleased with the level of service I got from them.

Riz Ali, IT Manager - Days Inn Westminster

We met with lots of different web design companies before we found Verecom. They do not subscribe to the "one size fits all" approach that some web designers do. And we liked the fact that they were willing and able to develop a bespoke solution to cater to our specific needs, for a realistic price. We thoroughly enjoy working with Verecom. The quality of their work is truly excellent and their speed and efficiency is remarkable. We would highly recommend their services.

Zuku Ltd.

I am currently dealing with Verecom, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of website engineering, and soon site submission. Their work is a major factor in our website's future success. Helping it to become one of the most visited resources of its kind on the Internet, would be no trouble for Verecom. I can confidently and faithfully recommend Verecom as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

Albert Lai, Founder -

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Verecom for the redesign of the Foundation's website. They are meticulous web designers. They proved their ability to work well in teams, showed a impeccable reliability in their work, and incorporated feedback well, hence exemplifying their willingness of tackling new challenges. Their web design is approachable, classical and easily manageable. I herewith endorse Verecom's work and wish them luck with all their future endeavors.

Francesco Iberg, The Ninth Fellow - Swiss-California Foundation

My experience with Verecom was wonderful. Even though my project was small, I felt as though I was a VIP client. Hosea as a project manager is fantastic because he is patient, understanding, upbeat and committed to the client. He will take the time to understand your needs - ideally in person - translate those to the programming team and then stay connected with you throughout the execution process to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied. I look forward to recommending Verecom to friends and colleagues as well as working with them again in the near future.

Rupa Parekh, Chief Finder - FOUNDED

Verecom is a valued business partner. I can always count on fast, clean, cost effective work with lots of cooperation and communication.

Cynthia Hickman, CEO / Founder - Mobixpay, Inc.

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Our clients range from international and national companies to small and medium businesses.


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About Us

Verecom is the supreme IT service and solution provider with global presense. Our firm schooled in information technologies and consumer insights.

About Us

Verecom is an innovative IT company whose centre of innovation only enclosed with client success.

Our Vision

To enable true(VERE) communication(COM) with technology innovations.

Our Values

Innovation, customer success, learning, trust, responsibility, and respect.

Our Mission

To identify and pursue opportunities for improving and enhancing the way people think, work, and live.

Our History

Verecom was founded in 2002 as a multinational technology and consulting company.

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We always make sure you get the latest updates from Verecom therefore we have crafted a well organized blog to share what we are discovering for you.

30 Nov

In this article we will cover the basics of creating a multi-tenant rails application. The application is gonna be a blog as a service application. We will be using Devise for authentication and CanCanCan for authorization. Each user will be able to create multiple blogs which belongs to him/her. Each blog will have its own subdomain.

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23 Jul

Having trouble with the Speed connection? Looking to save?
By partnering with top telecommunication companies like ATT&T, Verison, Telepacific, Level 3, MegaPath, Comcast… it allow us to give you the best solution and save you money on your Data and Voice System.

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16 Aug

Most Chicago web design companies are adept at their jobs; they do not make mistakes that amateur web designers usually make. Such mistakes have been described in the article.

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16 Aug

While some people seem to prefer graphics and text loaded sites, it is actually websites with minimalistic design that hit the right chord with users. And this is especially true for ecommerce development sites that sell products to customers.

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